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Next week is my birthday.

Im turning 29- 

freak out- anxious- nervous- confused- conflicted- optimisitc

Hurricane sandy destroyed a lot of homes….i feel bad for those ppl. 

Im fine. 

A positive happened to me during that time…I started a diet. My diet consisted of salads, tuna, grilled chicken, tofu, fruits, lots of vegetables, water, water, water, nuts, fiber, pbnj————

I planned out every single meal for several days in advance.  Felt good, worked out several times a week, lost 14.5 lbs in 3 weeks….then came my weekend off….ughhh, can’t stop myself from eating, drinking, loathing.  

Job takes a lot out of me-don’t know what I want to do in this job-51 months into this job and 4 different promotions with a lot of career planning has only made me more confused….

My buddy and I are setting things up to start our own business.

I’m short some money. 

Need to find a way to get it.

Haven’t found the right girl yet. Shes out there….shes smart, funny, caring, loving, loyal, interesting, low maintenance, high maintenance, adaptative, loyal, loyal, loyal. 

Beautiful; to me. I want to think about her anytime of the day and smile. 

—Theres more…much more. Done talking about it for now—

Don’t feel comfortable talking to anybody in my life about it…talking to you.